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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I've been visiting this forum for 4 years now , and can say IMO, without doubt this is the most important thread ever to appear.

We all spend (me included) too much time studying the problem.

What is being created by the NWO is so dastardly, over the top, so unbelievable, we tend to get hypnotized , fascinated by the unfolding nightmare ... convinced by the confidence they appear to have , into believing they cannot fail.

They most definitely can fail , and will.

I believe this song, channeled by Dr Sha is the best devise we have for helping humanity move into unity consciousness.

Unity consciousness could be described as the condition when humanity comes together , telepathically, and realizes a state of oneness. When this occurs all will be clear, the understanding of truthers will be known to those who were previously sheeple. The dark forces will run.
Wow ...Amazing words...I totally agree.

As Above So Below as they say...

LOVE is a Civilization. We are feeling its effects on earth, the paradise as we feel ......evil too which are lower in above dimensions.

The frequency of Love is at the highest and develops a soul in us.

When we listen, sing to this song, we are connected with Vibration of Love at the highest. I have never experienced people behaving so differently than after listending to this song. Its Amazing.

The paradise, heaven etc is this Civilization which generates the frequency of LOVE that we are feeling it on earth.
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