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Default Free Energy Within, Without and Beyond

Free Energy Within, Without and Beyond

29th Jan 2015

by Kit Walker



I have been fascinated watching all the news coming out about free energy. What has been particularly intriguing to me is to see that some people still can’t even open themselves to the possibility of such a thing. They always bring up the “laws of physics”, saying that it is scientifically impossible, and so forth. It suddenly became clear to me, that to be available for the possibility of free energy, YOUR energy has to be free. Otherwise, it is just simply not possible for you to see it. You will just see the reflection of yourself in the world.

Here’s what i see. I see that we are in an incredibly vast place, exploding with stars, which are powerhouses of energy. The stars are all part of galaxies that are spinning in SUCH a vast dimension that it is truly beyond our capacity to conceive. OK, here’s the simple question. What is making all of that move? Isn’t it requiring amounts of energy so huge, that an infinitesimal fraction of it would power every human need on the whole planet…? Even just in the solar system…there’s the Sun. what an amazing amount of energy! We are being blasted with it every day, even when it is cloudy. Non stop. And besides all the light and heat, there’s a tsunami of electromagnetic energy coming out of Sol, every moment, waves of it washing over the earth.

And then there are all the planets in the solar system, including the Earth itself. What keeps them all going? They spin, and rotate through their orbits non stop, without showing any signs of running out of steam.

So what kind of energy would you call all this energy? It certainly doesn’t cost anything, does it? So, then, i’d say it’s free. Therefore, free energy exists. There’s no debate, really.

The question is, are there ways to harness this vast energy? Of course there are.

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