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Originally Posted by robdoo View Post
Still nothing to convince that they are man-made.

The tunnels are just tunnels which have been dug recently and dont follow any pre-existing pattern. Correct me if i'm wrong...

The clay/concrete sections they have found on the hills are level and dont follow the gradient, which would suggest they are foundations to buildings maybe or some type of pathway along the hills.

I'm actually going to be right next to bosnia in July i'm travelling from Greece, through Kosovo into Croatia and would obviously be 'chomping at the bit' to be one of the first to recognise this site as a ancient man-made structure but there's still nothing to convince, e.g.The stone that you have and say theres a swastika on but wont show on photograph, the orbs are just dirt in the air and the camera.

Keep updating though maybe your all on to something.
No, the tunnels have not recently been dug. How did you come to that conclusion?

The reason why it doesnt follow the gradient is because those pictures you are talking of are of the moon pyramid, which is terraced.

Everyone working at the site has dirt on their lense all the time? Im a true scientist, so I made sure every time i was taking photos it WAS NOT DIRT. I even tried to recreate the effect in controlled environments, using water and dust. Im no expert on orbs but there is a professor here who does serious research on the matter. He isnt some internet junky, but a real scientist.

Its not that I wont show the photograph, its that its hard to photograph it clearly. Today we are going to use some blotting paper so we will be able to see the symbols clearly.

How can you possibly explain the ultrasound beam emanating from the top of the Sun pyramid as a natural process? Im not making this stuff up. On the 27th of this month a team of physicists from an Italian university are bringing a load of their most sensitive equipment to get detailed readings on it.
We are at this stage assuming the device operates by piezo electrics. Possibly mechanical but I personally doubt that. Its prob something far more sophisticated. We have excavated several stone sandwiches, quartz bands between a non conducting material. now, this in itself could be formed naturally but they are shaped like spark plugs.

The creators of these pyramids use nature in ways we do not understand. That is a fact.

Im sorry you are not convinced. Maybe you should take a detour to Visoko. I could give you a tour around the sites which would hopefully convince you its real. Seeing is believing.

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