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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
Hold on mate ...Your Dad has done this for decades ,he tells us loads... like the Royal Family are Lizard blood drinking satanical evil entities ,pretty sure he is right ,a bunch of cold blooded, money driven, kook bastards ....but proof ?
I dont remember his arse being dragged into Court ...Why Not ?
That's not the point grannie. If David names people, then he, and only he is responsible. If David names people THEN it can be discussed on here. if neither he nor the MSM have named people, then we cannot allow it here. By doing so, we are putting the forum in jeopardy and in danger of being closed down, and the owner of the site being sued. Not you, the site owner.

So fair enough if he gets sued for what he says, but it is not fair that he should be sued for what others say.
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