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Lightbulb Culper Ring

The Culper Ring Meets in "The Battle of Setauket" ..
The Culper Ring was a spy ring organized by American Major (later Colonel) Benjamin Tallmadge under orders from General George Washington in the summer of 1778 during British occupation of New York City at the height of the American Revolutionary War.. The "Culper" name was suggested by Washington who devised it from Culpeper County, Virginia.. The two main members of the Ring, Abraham Woodhull and Robert Townsend, used "Samuel Culper, Sr." and "Samuel Culper, Jr." respectively, as aliases.. Tallmadge was in direct contact with and control of the Ring but Washington often directed its operations..Tallmadge was referred to by the alias of "John Bolton"..

Under pressure from American colonial forces, the British Army under General William Howe evacuated Boston, Massachusetts on March 17, 1776 and sailed for Halifax, Nova Scotia to reorganize.. Before Howe's forces had completed their departure, American General George Washington had begun to move his troops to New York City, where most had arrived by mid-April to begin preparing defenses.. Washington correctly suspected that Howe would return to New York City to make it the British base of operations...

Before Howe moved from Staten Island, Washington received information of varying utility from individual agents, such as Lawrence Mascoll, who obtained some intelligence on Staten Island before August 23.. After evacuating his troops from Brooklyn Heights, Washington asked Brigadier General William Heath and New York militia general, soon to be Governor of New York and later Vice President of the United States George Clinton to set up "a channel of information" on Long Island... assume you've gotten quite used to miscalculation..There's no point in being nuts if you can't have a little fun.. Can we open up the window, Professor?. It's hot in here...

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