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I'm working in this one myself, if you hear a huge explosion it means I've it got it wrong! From what I've seen of this so far, time to "do it" rather than theorise over it. Over the coming months I plan to duplicate some of these ideas.

One thing I notice is, now everyone Googles things and some tend to believe what their "research" turns up, we now have so many self proclaimed Google Professors.

But that aside, I think there is a another issue. For example if this system works, demand for petrol will drop. Petrol is mostly tax in the UK, so where will the Govt raise tax revenue? UK car tax could go from £150 on my car to £1500 overnight. There will be all sorts of other taxes brought in to replace those lost on petrol.
All I see at the moment is use this tech on a small scale so not to force a change in Govt revenue policy.

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