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Child abuse is and always will be one of the worst possible crimes that can be committed. It causes universal outrage and the very thought that abuse could be going on in your town, maybe even your street; or worse, the idea that convicted paedophiles are living amongst us, is enough to spur some people in to action.
They are paedophiles everywhere, I can remember in school starting about grade 4 people were having sex and this continued throughout school. How many were arrested and charged with child molestation? 1, he molested his probabtion officers daughter (he was 17, she was 6, all the rest in school were rawing the girls and fingering them and they were getting sucked off and until they start raiding all the schools, they are not serious obout the paedo problem because it is the same everywhere.

The above paragraph is a joke b/c paedos are everywhere and they don't do shit about it, but mainly they hide out in schools, because thats where the others they can molest are at and because law says they have to attend school, its like a pig sent to slaughter. Raid all the schools, arrest the paedos, then we can talk.
The intelligentsia put out fakes and disinformation into some of the alternative media sources on the internet. Most of the alternative media is controlled by British Intelligence and the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in order to try and steer the minds of the awakening few so no one can slip the net of slavery and illusion. Most of the U.S. alternative media is actually run by Knight of Malta. source unhived mind website
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