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Originally Posted by sandwarrior View Post
Your common sense says that, the people who are ordering it says different.

The people who are doing it have the power to brainwash the populace into having any opinion that the elite wish, that is the power of the media.

They are totally forced to vote for war.

Free will does not exist.
Free will exists, but it is difficult in this world to exercise it.

The point being, the people have been indoctrinated through constant bombardment with the thinking "What can the little man do against such machine?"

We have been made passive, in the victim position.

Simple example, if people seriously want change, why not stay at home when they call the people to elect some puppet who starts a war? It is so simple to see through the two party dictatorship, it is only one party more than under communism.

The turn out of elections is always a sort of measuring scale, despite all trickery they use.

They will have a problem if ideally almost nobody shows up to bury his voice in the urn.

Actually, politician have a boss, the sovereign, the people, they have to answer the people.

We simply got to empower ourselves. We can do it.

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