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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
No, i think of others as rats in monkey suits and have nout to do with them ever.

So no, i like nature, and small animals, and i hate humans absolutely. I have nout in common with the sex mad violence mad rats in monkey suits that most are. Humans are disgusting scum, whom just want to destroy any other life they can, and know it all, lol

I do not call myself miserable, i call myself and state, same. Meaning i am just always the same emotion, and it neither has highs or lows, just being in some same state always.

So you cannot speak for others, i only speak for myself. All people should understand they can never speak for others but themselves, and although i think all other humans are rats in monkey suits, i do not ever try to speak for them, as they have nout in common with me.
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