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Yokohama Seal..

Theatrical release poster..
Jean Brodie is a teacher in the junior-aged section of the Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1930s.. Brodie is known for her tendency to stray from the hard knowledge of the school's curriculum, to romanticize fascist leaders like Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco, and to believe herself to be in the prime of life.. Brodie devotes her time and energy to her four special 12-year-old junior school girls, called the Brodie Set: Sandy, Monica, Jenny & Mary...

Edinburgh on Film: The Jean Brodie ..

A prime or prime number is a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself..Prime (Latin for "first")..In mathematics, specifically in abstract algebra, a prime element of a commutative ring is an object satisfying certain properties similar to the prime numbers in the integers and to irreducible polynomials..Prime 3-manifold, a 3-manifold that cannot be written as the connect sum of 2 nontrivial 3-manifolds..A manifold is prime if it cannot be presented as a connected sum of more than one manifold, none of which is the sphere of the same dimension..In mathematics, and in particular model theory, a prime model is a model which is as simple as possible..Prime time, a block of slots each evening in broadcast programming..

Yokohama was a small fishing village up to the end of the feudal Edo period, when Japan held a policy of national seclusion, having little contact with foreigners..A major turning point in Japanese history happened in 1853–54, when Commodore Matthew Perry arrived just south of Yokohama with a fleet of American warships, demanding that Japan open several ports for commerce, and the Tokugawa shogunate agreed by signing the Treaty of Peace and Amity..It was initially agreed that one of the ports to be opened to foreign ships would be the bustling town of Kanagawa-juku (in what is now Kanagawa Ward) on the Tōkaidō, a strategic highway that linked Edo to Kyoto and Osaka.. However, the Tokugawa shogunate decided that Kanagawa-juku was too close to the Tōkaidō for comfort, and port facilities were instead built across the inlet in the sleepy fishing village of Yokohama..Prime parry, a parry form in fencing...

USS Prime is the name of 2 ships of the U.S. Navy..Perry was very concerned with the education of naval officers and helped develop an apprentice system that helped establish the curriculum at the US Naval Academy..Perry commanded the USS Shark, a schooner with 12 guns, in 1821–1825.. In 1763, when Britain possessed Florida, the Spanish contended that the Florida Keys were part of Cuba and North Havana.. Certain elements within the US felt that Key West (which was then named Cayo Hueso, meaning "Bone Key" could potentially be the "Gibraltar of the West" because it guarded the northern edge of the 90 miles (140 km) wide Straits of Florida—the deep water route between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico..During the American occupation, Yokohama was a major transshipment base for American supplies and personnel, especially during the Korean War.. After the occupation, most local U.S. naval activity moved from Yokohama to an American base in nearby Yokosuka..Yokohama was rebuilt, only to be destroyed again by thirty-odd U.S. air raids during World War II..An estimated se7en or 8,000 thousand people were killed in a single morning on May 29, 1945 in what is now known as the Great Yokohama Air Raid, when B-29s firebombed the city and in just one hour and nine minutes reduced 42% of it to rubble..The city's tram and trolleybus system was abolished in 72, the same year as the opening of the first line of Yokohama Municipal Subway..Construction of Minato Mirai 21 ("Port Future 21"), a major urban development project on reclaimed land, started in 83.. Minato Mirai 21 hosted the Yokohama Exotic Showcase in 1989, which saw the first public operation of maglev trains in Japan and the opening of Cosmo Clock 21, then the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The 860m-long Yokohama Bay Bridge opened in the same year..In 93, Minato Mirai saw the opening of the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the second tallest building in Japan..The 2002 FIFA World Cup final was held in June at the International Stadium Yokohama..The city was designated by government ordinance on September 1, 1956..Yokohama's foreign population of nearly 78,000 includes Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Brazilians... shall I sing to my lord from my window?. Second-degree murder, I guess that's what they'll call it..I just meant that I'm glad someone could be there for you..And you know I'm always here for you too..My friend was killed by your wasps yesterday afternoon..I guess we don't know each other that well yet but I hope that'll change..They're not my wasps!..Well if you own the stuff that made them grow, I guess you're liable for whatever they do..They got the real big ones...

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