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Water is not made of Hydrogen or oxygen....
See turning water into oil video at
use password wizzzard777
Q Science and the Pdf of Q Mechanics is....

The Theory that has within its Atomic Structure the Mechanism for Transmutation or Electro Magnetic Restructuring Energy forms of 'elements'.

In short.

The 'atom'' is a tetrahedron structure of Light.

(see Keshe...

Consisting of 6 plasma bars of Light to make the Water Atom. (the Ancient symbol for water is a triangle on its point)

The Suns Plasma are these 'structures of Light' in infinite Patterns of Plasma Tetrahedron structures with their corresponding infinite frequency vibrations we call the Electro Magnetic Spectrum.

Changing the Magnetic Fields that Water Atom Plasma interacts with, changes the Magnetic Reasonant Field Pattern to form all the Snow Flake Elemental Patterns. As in passing water through a trap or an In-Line Magnetic Cell changes the Water Atomic Tetrahedron Structures to NEW frequencies or Elements. Or water into oil.

This changes the understanding of how to heal with Energetic Medicine rather than pills.

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