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Originally Posted by bjornyvan View Post
Gypsies and other "poor, weird and useless" minority peoples have always been despised and mistreated everywhere. Same thing here in Norway with the Sami just a short while ago.

But did you know that the German Nazis had very friendly relations with the Tibetans?

History is so much stranger than people would think.
hey, hitler called russians animal human-human animals.

thats is really all that needs to be said.

oh and towards the end of the war he said it looks like the slavic race is superior to the germans, who dissapointed him totally.

dont you see the irony in that.

the anzi regime was insane, cowardly and every single one shouldve been killed.
every single one from the party deserved execution imo.they asked for total war, they got it and they should have been dealt with much worse than they were.

total war, you got it, total surrender, you got it in the ass.

and now please stfu or go and take up arms if you want a reprise.
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