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March 21, 2013

The Earth Needs Rebels radio show: Kevin Bull interviews breakthrough electrical inventor Thane Heins

Part 1

Part 2


Stem Cells of Global Warming

James Kelly
August 17, 2011

I’ve recently contacted two experts who’ve had years of hands-on experience testing breakthroughs in electrical power generation achieved by Canadian Inventor Thane Heins—one a director of design innovations for a U.S. maker of commercial generators and the other a chief scientist in charge of global standardization for a leading producer of consumer electronics. Both confirmed his inventions 1) work as the inventor claims, and 2) have the potential to remake global power-generating, energy usage, and transportation paradigms into carbon-free or greatly carbon-reduced infrastructures in a foreseeable future.

Prior to becoming paralyzed in 1997, I enjoyed a 20+ year career in the rail industry—part of which I spent as a diesel electrician working on locomotive generators, motors, alternators, and control systems. My electrical background enabled me to study Heins’s designs and understand expert comments while evaluating the credibility of the former. Heins admits he’s frustrated by years of trying in vain to encourage industries entrenched in the fossil fuel paradigm to use his discoveries to break free of coal, oil, tar, and gas. I don’t blame him. The more I study his discoveries and grasp their potentials, the more I share his frustration.

Years before and during my involvement in the world’s stem cells debates, I studied the science of my condition (spinal cord injury) and came to know scientists whose work offered practical and immediate solutions for medical conditions that cause hundreds of millions to suffer annually around the globe—conditions that generate trillions of dollars (U.S.) per year in global pharmaceutical and medical revenues and tens of billions in basic research funding. Scientists whose research threatens this colossus find they’re denied funding by government agencies and non-profit review boards. Prestigious, industry-aligned journals reject their article submissions, and—if they refuse to toe the line—academic employers deny them tenure.

One scientist whose work revealed basal metabolic impairment plays a key initiating role in multiple diseases was told by an NIH grant reviewer, “We’re not interested in panaceas.”

Another was told by a major pharmaceutical in the presence of a senior FDA rep when she demonstrated a potentially inexpensive pharmaceutical cure for Type I Diabetes [and asked for their help], “We don’t know how to price a cure.”

A Nobel laureate and former NIH Director told a writer for New Yorker, “Ordinary people care about the destinations of science – the answers, the miracles, the cures. But a scientist cares most deeply about the journey itself.”

In speaking of just one of cloning’s multipe genetic hurdles, the creator of Dolly-the-Sheep told the journal Nature, “It should keep a lot of us in business for a long time.”

And yet, much of society persists in believing the goals of scientists, science, and industry are to save the dying, cure the disabled, and improve the lives of others. The sad truth is the 1980 Bagh-Dole law, which allowed scientists, drug companies, and universities to patent and thus control the results of publicly-funded research, turned basic and clinical research into lucrative extensions of Pharma, allowing drug companies to steer the course of Medicine and the priorities of Science.

To better grasp this reality, please read “The Truth About Drug Companies,” by Marcia Angell, M.D., former Editor and Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. No example of its consequences is more glaring or tragic than the FDA’s suppression of cord blood’s non-hematopoietic medical uses (i.e., Stroke, SCI, Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinsons, or TBI) and its unique benefits for radiation sickness.

Eighty-six year old Dr. Norman Ende, cord blood pioneer and Professor of Pathology of the NJ School of Medicine and Dentistry, recently published a paper detailing the safe and critical benefits cord blood transfusions could offer U.S. Armed Services personnel who suffer spinal cord injury (SCI) or traumatic brain damage (TBI) in Afghanistan or Iraq. Along with a former Surgeon General of the Air Force, Ende urged our government repeatedly and in vain to use cord blood toward developing the only viable strategy for treating mass radiation casualties in the event of a nuclear disaster. Those charged with saving our service personnel or protecting the public from radiation say their hands are tied by the FDA…and the FDA refuses to explain or justify cord blood policies that safeguard drug profits while condemning Americans to lives of paralysis or mental impairment.

Current paradigms that ‘look’ for cures but never find them provide university researchers, administrators and department heads with generous sources of income through patent sales, royalties and licensing fees (to drug companies). Meanwhile, the world’s sick, disabled, and gullible cling to myths of ‘hope’ because it’s far more convenient to believe a comfortable lie than face or fight a daunting truth—a tragic aspect of human nature that ensures the ongoing suffering of a billion humans to feather the nests of a relative few.

In other words, there’s a reason why the top ten U.S. pharmaceuticals made more profits in 2003 than the other 490 corporations in the Fortune 500 combined.

These industries—BIO, Pharma, Medicine, and Non-Profits—feed off suffering, disability, and human nature the way Big Oil and Coal depend on their unfettered ‘right’ to ravage and pollute the earth. Both paradigms are suicidal, but of the two the second is far worse. After all, humans have been exploiting each other and causing suffering since Ug clobbered Lug to steal Lug’s wife . Whereas if we trash our planet’s climate and kill it’s seas—as we seem determined to do while denying were doing it—the game is over for everyone and everything.

If Thane Heins’s inventions (or the inventions of others) can help to avert Earth’s unfolding climatic catastrophe, as a species we cannot allow such discoveries to be brushed aside, falsely discredited, or covered up. Regarding the life our planet supports today, next year, and forever, we simply don’t have the right to sacrifice Earth’s climatic balance on the altars of greed, denial, and transient convenience.

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