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EVERY generator on the planet is a FREE ENERGY DEVICE

September 9, 2013 - Electromagnetic, Free Energy

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I was told once by one of these exotic free energy wizards that the day will come when we will go into power plants, make some modifications, and what used to be generators that required being turned by some torque-producing source such as hydro or steam, would become extractors of energy from the vacuum (or something like that).

Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Now, with the number of people that we are finding out about who claim to be powering a larger generator with a smaller motor, and looping back the power from the generator to keep the motor turning, with excess energy left over to be used — because the system somehow harvests the wheelwork of nature — this concept that “every generator on the planet is a free energy device” becomes even more intriguing. I coined the term Q-mo-gen to describe those systems, since the shape of the letter Q illustrates the notion of “self-looped with energy left over”.

Today, Thane Heins of Potential Difference Inc sent out the following email. I don’t follow everything he said, nor do I agree with everything, but I post it for its value in giving some food for thought. I featured Thane extensively a couple of days ago in another story that you’ll want to read, if you haven’t already: “TurXotor® Free Energy Demonstration Scheduled for Electric Vehicles in Istanbul“.

EVERY generator on the planet is a FREE ENERGY DEVICE and we just didn’t know how to harness that energy until now!

EV Regenerative Braking is a counter electromotive TORQUE and it takes ENERGY to produce torque.

The energy required to produce all EV braking torque is produced freely inside every generator on the planet. Physics got it wrong all along, and Mike was absolutely correct in his first article about me and PDi’s discovery.

So guess what: ENERGY CAN BE CREATED…and is being created all the time!

From a MIT Electrical Engineer and Mathematician…

Yes torque is the rotational analogue of force. Work done by a rotational process is the product (or integral) of the torque and the angle subtended by the torque’s exertion. Angles have no units, but torque has one more distance unit, as you pointed out. So torque times angle has the same units as force times distance = work.

So the counter EMF does work, only it is not useful because it opposes the motor process. And nobody had a good way to collect that energy, or at least to stop it from being counter-productive, until Thane Heins came along. Or if they did, it was lost to history. That’s the way I see it.

From a conventional engineer:

“No ‘system’ is 100% energy efficient. There are always energy losses in fact-based reality. Always.”

And my response: Why ALL generators are FREE Energy Devices – and how energy CAN be created…

Dear Doug,

Thank you for your response.

Did you know that while at the University of Ottawa, we developed a Bi-Toroid Transformer (BiTT) that operates with an on-load zero power factor and infinite efficiency?

The ReGenX Generator also operates with infinite efficiency… Here’s why;

Did you know that energy can be created?

And did you know that energy is created whenever a current flows in a wire and is contained in the magnetic field around said wire, and it is this freely-produced magnetic field energy which produces the torque required to decelerate an EV during regenerative braking?

What is electric vehicle regenerative braking?

Electric vehicle regenerative braking is a counter-electromotive TORQUE produced inside any electric generator when said generator is delivering power to a laod or an EV’s batteries.

What is Torque?

Torque is Force times Distance.

Can a force or torque exist without energy?

No, because work is performed, and all work requires energy.

Where does the energy come from in the EV generator or all generators then to create the counter-electromotive-TORQUE?

The energy is created internally and comes from the magnetic field around the wires in the generator coils when current is sent to the EV batteries or load.

So electric generators CREATE Energy?


In the magnetic field around each wire?


So electric generators CONVERT mechanical drive shaft power to electric power AND simultaneously CREATE ENERGY in the magnetic field around the wires which produces the counter-electromotive-torque?

Yes. Energy is required to produce torque and do work in ANY direction.

I thought the Law of Conservation of Energy–the most revered law of physics–said that “energy cannot be created..?”


OK If energy can be created inside all electric generators, then why is the USA getting ready to invade and bomb Syria for oil and then Iran?

Because physicists got it wrong and labeled generator armature reaction aka EV regenerative braking as “electromagnetic friction”, which it is not but rather is torque, and everyone else fell for it…

And torque is work and work requires energy.


So the EV regenerative braking / electromotive counter torque is produced because the all-electric generators create energy in the magnetic field around each wire?


And the ReGenX Generator uses this very same energy that is created inside the generator to accelerate an EV while recharging the EV’s batteries?


Go ask a physicist if you can find one who won’t run away from the subject…

Later today, he sent this email:

Here are some recent comments from my MIT friend and patent agent – no real objections other than pissing off some thermodynamic dudes…

Thanks for your input Les as always… my comments are below…

Thane, with all due respect it might behoove you to adjust your vocabulary a wee bit. When you say “creating energy,” anyone who has studied thermodynamics gets very uncomfortable.

Not my problem – they ought to study electric generators, transformers and motors and the magnetic fields produced therein as well where this ONLY applies and the Law of Thermodynamics NEVER ever has.

I prefer the expression “converting a previously unusable form of energy into useful work.” Work and energy have the same units, so they are in theory always inter-convertible, but the job of doing so requires design expertise.

Stopping a 3000 lb car while charging the batteries or employing active brakes in a 200 ton train without using the friction brakes is useful work right?

So you have achieved an enormous energetic benefit through ingenious design expertise. So much so in fact that prior metrics of efficiency give non-sensical results like efficiencies greater than 100%.

The BiTT transformer operates with a zero power factor in the primary so the efficiency is actually infinite as proven by Defense Research and Development PhD Dr, Fusina at Ottawa U in 2009 and by a Phillips computer simulation in 2010 .

The ReGenX Generator generates electricity from a mechanical drive shaft that has 0 Watts of mechanical power in it and is also infinitely efficient.

The ReGenX Motor creates torque but the Net power consumption is 0.0 Watts – and operates with infinite efficiency as well.

But the energy was always [BEING CREATED] in the system, just not recoverable within the assumptions inherent in how those metrics characterized motors or generators or transformers in the classical model.

We are implementing a new model which correctly accounts for the absolute values of ALL the energies being created and NOT discounting them simply because their “direction” is unappealing. Newton’s Third Law does not apply in motors or generators or transformers and now we can prove it empirically.

People need to understand this distinction and it’s best to tell them that “create energy” is to be understood in a limited framework

= YES as it applies to electric generators, motors and transformers or any current bearing wire that has a magnetic field produced around it that interacts with any other magnetic field and does work as a result such as Osterd’s compass needle experiment or any parallel wire demonstration where the wires attract or repel each other and do free work on anything place in between them like a vacuum pump.

The energy is “conserved” by the resistance in the wire but the work done moving the wires is absolutely free because the free movement and free work done on anything placed in between them does not diminish the current flow in the wire one iota.


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