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the above video was shot with only one REGENX coil engaged with a BIONX electric bicycle. Thane later connected the BIONX bike to a generator with five coils and the results were so good that he planned to test the electric bike while it was connected to both the REGENX
five coil generator and a battery charger. He anticipated the creation thereby of an infinite range electric bicycle and planned to videotape the tests . A series of unfortunate events
combined to destroy his plans. The project was tampered with by unknown people at the universityl, the batteries made defective , and Thane's lab at the university was shut down before he could do any further work on the project. This was apparently all part of an effort
to suppress this new technology.

Recent update from Thane Heins
I have decided to recreate the "Perpetual Motion Bicycle" I created at the University of Ottawa. The budget for this project is $10,000.00 so if anyone want to help contribute funds that would be great - the project ought to be completed in two months if all goes well.


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