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Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
Only the FIFA generation would sack him right now, 7 games into the season. Older and wiser people would say to give him time. He has won everything as a manager although he is prone to self destruction in his 3rd season.

McTomminay at centre back is a massive dig at Ed Woodward not letting him buy the 2 defenders in the summer.

Sanchez has done nothing at Utd but pick up massive money. Did Utd sign him to play or just to piss off City? I would have loved him at Liverpool a few seasons ago but he looks washed up now.

I think Ed Woodward will back him massively in January and he will get a defender or 2. If Mourinho fails at Utd then Ed Woodward also fails.

All the press will be loving all the goings on at Old Trafford though.
I think unfortunately hes lost the dressing room again....
Thats the problem at United right now and a problem Jose has faced time and again in his personal career and he is too stubborn to accept he has to change in order to regain the players confidence
Its not just Pogba hes isolated...its most of the team
That is why they are not putting it all in....hoping he gets the push

Ferguson faced this dilemna several times over his term in charge at United
It simply arises when too many hot heads are trying to run the team from within.....earning hundreds of thousands a week for partaking in a game you would willingly partake in for the love of the game ....can make you too big for your boots as all and sundry should know by know.....
He dealt with it by getting the team behind him and his strategies and making the Team tick as One and not relying on One to make the Team didnt always work but when it did boy did it work
Jose doesnt have that man management skill

Anyhow the money talks now and the players run riot
Its not even the same sport i remember growing up as a kid

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