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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
He didn't say that in the video I posted ...

I don't expect you can give a link to the video and the time .... can you ???

And the typical stuff from tg ....time wasting comical superman clips , and a video of someone pretending to be DW calling in to a chat show !!!

No serious comments on the video I posted.... I doubt anyone even watched it

It's just too much for many here to believe ...outside their credibility zone ...

Well , like the guy on the street , you'll just have to wait till it comes out in the MSM ...when the bulk of humanity believe it , then you'll follow like sheep , and tell everyone , you knew it all along .
Don't pretend to know me.
My bullshit meter is going off like crazy every time I listen to that guy. He is a fantast and a lier bullshit merchant. The interview I listened to was about 6 or 8 years ago but I can try and find it.

In the same interview he was also going on about how his life was in danger so he needed donations. Now I can't recall what or who he said was after him but I clearly remember thinking it was totally made up.
Be back later if I can find the interview

Edit : I can't find it. And really I don't care. I know what I heard.
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