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I went to see David when he was in Brisbane (excellent by the way) ,at lunch people came out side and sat along an earth bank and behind them was a stand of large gum trees,the wind on that day was strong with the tops of the trees getting blown around.There was quite a few people on the bank,there was no way known I would sit there.My son and I were at the car getting some water,I heard an almighty crack then a crash,I said to my boy people will be hurt lets go,when we got there the top of a gum had come down and managed to miss every one.I couldn't believe it. Then I thought, imagine the mileage the press would have got if someone was injured at one of David's talks because he had already copped a great deal of flack ,conversely it was never mentioned how lucky people were, it was never mentioned in the press at all.
Don't get me wrong I'm not insinuating anything because its a David Icke gathering, I saw this happen once before about 40 years ago (new years eve fire works display in Sydney Australia) where a large branch on a morten bay fig came down in the midst of thousands of people and again missed every one
Lucky maybe or just a fluke but it dose happen
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