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It is the breaking of that precious bond, between a mother and her children, which saddens me most about Jo's tragic death. No matter who else has been touched by her loss, the two little ones have lost their dearest friend and helper in this life
On another section of these Forums, many members have paid tribute to Jo in their own unique way. People are trying to make sense out of a senseless act of violence, using what brought us all together here in the first place. That is, a determination to find the truth - and to not be browbeaten by those in the MSM, Government or hidden control system above them.
One of our members wrote his account of David Icke's Brixton Event on Saturday, a regular attender at successive ones. Here is an extract from it, which sums up what we are doing and where we are heading as Forum Members here:
"In this one it was more drilling into you the information and the direction we are heading if we don't change things now, in the last act, so we can really start to 'do' the required actions in our daily lives to help transform ourselves and this world."
(Many thanks to Shiyoken, who wrote these words)
Bless you, Jo. We will not forget you or the cruel way you lost your life, but we will not be blackmailed by those who want to profit from it.
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