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Originally Posted by mark1963 View Post
I have been researching the Thyroid gland recently, so imagine my happiness when Coast 2 Coast broadcast a whole program about it.

We are being deliberately stripped of iodine in our diets.

Fluoride (water, toothpaste, etc), Chloride (Water, washing up liquid, detergent, cleaning products) Bromide (white flour products, bread, cakes, etc) are in the same group on the periodic table as iodine.

They substitute themselves very easily for iodine in the thyroid molecule.

A blood test from your doctor will show a normal thyroid test, but, the thyroid molecule is no longer iodine based and so the molecule is ineffective.

In other words - EVERYONE - will have thyroid deficiencies.

Thyroid is the underlying cause for our health in EVERY process in the human body.

A lack of it will lead to EVERY disease we see today - Alzheimer's, ADD, heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, arthritis - you name it, a lack of thyroid will act as a catalyst for all diseases in every case.

Iodine was dropped from vitamins and minerals in the late 80's and this was carried out obstensively because iodine was dangerous. Looking back on this decision it is utter BS.

Iodine in the mg range is perfectly safe and is massively needed by the body.

We need at least 12mg (Japanese diet) of iodine daily. We are lucky to get 1mg daily in our western diets - and if our food is non-organic then the fertilisers used in production will destroy that.

Kelp is only 54mg per 100gm, so getting it from that may be a problem. Iodised salt is no good, wrong type of iodine, does not get absorbed by the body. Organic unprocessed Sea Salt does have good iodine in it, but, not alot.

Please check this link on iodine:

Iodine - Why We Need It

This link is the link to the Coast 2 Coast program, please listen to it all, there is a mass of information, especially about the UK blood test:

Coast 2 Coast - 9/3/2010 - Thyroid

Here is another excellent site:

The best product I have heard about for iodine is Lugol's Iodine - available on the web.

3 drops is equivalent to the 12mg you need daily.

People with mercury fillings would need up to 50mg per day it has been found.
Fuck , I have 6 or 7 amalgam fillings , DO I NEED 350MGS A DAY ??

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