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Originally Posted by pegcityevolve View Post
Wow I never knew you ever needed this much iodine. I did read up on it before which motivated me to get my mom to get sea salt instead (which is synthetic iodine probably..) and to buy pure water. I also started ordering Vita Synergy for my nutrients as I found there was no iodine in my store bought one at all. There is 150mcg of real organic iodine in each serving. Which is obviously nothing to 12mg.

Any good suppliers for canada, that do paypal?
Unprocessed organic sea salt is good - just not much iodine in it.

150mcg is nothing - waste of money.

Go online and search for Lugol's Iodine - it's on ebay as well.

The PTB are deliberately destroying our health by limiting and denying iodine in our diets - as well as the use of fluoride, mercury, chlorine, bromine.
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