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Default MMS1 and hyper-thyroïd

Hi from France

My sister had serious hyper-thyroïd problems especially 2 months ago with classic symptoms. No improvement of her TSH rate (which was very low : 0,007) in spite of the drugs her endocrinologue gave her. I told my sister about mms1 and she eventually tried it. The analyses result, one week after absorbing it, was astonishing:

Her TSH rate rose up to 0,118 and 10 days after it went up to 2,248 uUI/ml. (the minimum indicated on the analyse results being of 0,350 and the maximum of 4,940 -- NOTA : maybe those figures are different in other countries)

Now, it is always stabilized. She is currently at 6 drops of mms1 twice a day.
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