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One would think an entire think-tank university staff is behind Snopes.

Not so. It's a couple — husband and wife.

Their opinions are considered bible by countless who check out "the facts" by going to These countless include college profs, Congresspersons, the National Review writers, and masses climbing all over the grassroots.

Stop it. You are being duped on many occasion by two political and theological liberals. That's right. Liberals.

Their names are David and Barbara Mikkelson of Los Angeles.
David also left Barb for a hooker , so it seems Barb is on her own these days at Snopes.

I would trust Snopes as much as I would trust say ......... Netenyahu's public relations staff to give you the truth of anything.

I wonder what Snopes thinks about Building 7.

Let's have a look.

Nothing , not a mention of it. But they do say it is false that the WTC came down in a controlled demolition , or more precisely that some European Journal said this.

Snopes manipulates opinion by framing a question in a certain way so it can provide a false mark against a real event.

Sandy Hook ? I don't know what happened there at all , but I know there are people who have no issue with seeing children die to achieve their aims.

Snopes , I don't think it helps build a case for the truth by using Snopes True Group.
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