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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Oh look the joke has popped in to troll me. Martian bases loaded with humans...northern councillors mating with frickin' 8ft grasshoppers....Michael Jackson still alive...Macca is not Macca and dozens more Bashit crazy stuff and he has tbe audacity to say i have no credibilty

Ok your own words right here and now..list your top 5 pieces of chemtrail evidence...or just run away for the 50th time
I never run away from a good debate .... if you raise an issue that needs addressing I will deal with it ...

But I don't feed the trolls and that's why I rarely respond to your abusive, foul mouthed and personal insults ...

I advise others not to feed the troll ... anyone who thinks chemtrailing is not happening is not worth debating ... I have linked to all the evidence many times on many threads , and I'm not going through it all again.
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