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The video in post 804 sounds scientific doesn't it?

McCandlish talks about microwaves being used, but microwaves have a wavelength in the region of cm, yet he's claiming these nano-particles are 'tuned' to these microwaves. Particles measured in nanometres will be completely unaffected by radio waves. They might however interact with light in the nanometre range. (Does he not understand about wavelengths and absorption? Please look up 'radar chaff' to understand the principles.)

Then the rubbish about magnifying surface area and magnifying energy...? What? How?! If only...

Putting all these metallic nano particles into the atmosphere would be noticed by those who monitor radio propagation, probably generating unexplained 'Sporadic-E' reflections. No such changes have ever been detected by thousands of professional and amateur radio users throughout the world.

This presentation has the veneer of scientific credibility for those with no scientific background, but he's making stuff up to suit his audience.

What are Mark McCandlish's qualifications beyond "Former Defence Industry Technician"? Ah yes, he's "an accomplished aerospace illustrator". He'll know all about atmospheric physics then.

And these videos still don't answer any of my questions in post 801. They're just repeating the claims that chemtrails are real. How can all these personnel and aircraft be hidden?

I'm not suggesting there is no such thing as weather modification - local modification has been going on with various degrees of success since the 1940s. But thousands of aircraft, hundreds if not thousands of people involved in chemtrailing...? Tons of material drifting from the skies all over the world - presumably accumulating in quantities any reasonably equipped school lab could analyse...? Nah, not convinced.


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