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Originally Posted by old_stag View Post
I saw a Mystery Cat in 2007 in the Scottish Borders. About the same size as a big dog.
I don't know how a population of panthers or such like could be sustained in Scotland without being caught. There was one caught around 1980, but the whole thing smells of being a set up. Her name was Felicity and she has been stuffed and can still be seen in Inverness museum.
I was out in Osage County Oklahoma at a hunting cabin and 30 acres I used to own there in the black oak forests of the hills and I saw what I thought at first was a greyhound. It was built like a greyhound, about the size and length and as I stood there under the tin roof of the cabin I just cleared my throat because I wanted the thing to hear me so it wouldn't lift it's hind leg on my tire. It was over in front of my truck fresh out of the car wash before heading there that afternoon. Anyway, when it turned and looked at me I knew right away it was no dog! It had these big tall tufted ears and a definite feline face!

It looked at me and made this beautiful sound and then ran at like super speed and in one leap was across a two lane dirt road and gone! I have never seen anything so graceful before or since. Not knowing what it was I had to go in on what was a dial up connection to explore the internet and I eventually found it. A African Serval. That is what I saw exactly. Someone had a pet once and it got out. I assume the same with yours but you know it could be there have always been wild cats and every now and then a throwback black kitten shows up. I think of all the felines the black panther is the one I'd be the most afraid of personally. Point being if something this big can survive then it is also possible something else equally as large and powerful could survive also.
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