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It’s all nonsense - the British Bigfoot Research Groups FAKE their sightings and use their network of members to back them up constantly. They have their theories and then they ‘find’ evidence to prove them. Some of their ‘sightings’ are incredible and they don’t even get excited about them which is a bit odd. What it is all really about is they are trying to put together a team of ‘investigators’ for a TV program and they need enough ‘sightings’ and ‘proof’ to be taken seriously by the TV networks so they are making it up.

Read the sightings reports - they are all written by the same person with the same turns of phrase, poor grammar and spelling. They are all designed to reinforce their theories.

It’s quite irritating to have these fakers about because there are some genuine sightings and unexplained phenomena but this group has created hundreds of fake reports over the past few years and muddied the water too much. We will never know what was a genuine sighting and what was made up nonsense from this group now.
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