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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
Fresco likes to be in CONTROL of OTHER people - Yes THAT is a wierd characteristic in a human IMO - I wonder what Fresco's upbringing was like ?

To control other humans is basically how slavery works. He was in the KKK for a while, so maybe that appealed to him in respect of wanting to control black people ? He just seems to wanna control everyone/everything, and when he discusses it he get's the wild eyes. He doesnt belive that people should have opinions, he only wants to use "facts" - He uses that tactic of saying "fact!" after making a statement/comment, and he thinks that it gives him the upper hand, and he expects no-one to question HIS "facts" - If people ask him important questions, he rambles on about how he once invented something, whilst in the meantime he hopes that people dont realise that he didnt actually answer the question.
His wife divorced him and took away Fresco's visitation rights - probably because of the behavior described above - shooting a cigarette out of the little girl's mouth. Fresco's son committed suicide at a young age. His personal life was a failure but he wants to run the world!

The more I read about Fresco, the worse it gets. He has claimed that he has a PhD which he does not. Interesting insights from a former `Believer' on how Fresco cheated his followers out of land they all invested in -

Literally hundreds of people gave their blood, sweat and tears, since the 1960’s, to help make Fresco’s dream possible. Once these followers are parted with their money, their services are no longer required, and they are dumped, and he leaves town. Marxism (by any other name)cannot tolerate spiritual beliefs, because you need to break a few eggs to make an Omelette. Just ask Pol Pot or Fidel Castro. Ask Fresco where the money came from to purchase the Venus Property in the first place. And what happened to the investors who never got their money back. Fresco’s favorite line is “The Venus project IS NOT a DEMOCRACY”. It’s his way or the highway. Imagine if he was in a position of power where he could “really” do some damage! It’s great being an avowed Atheist, morality is “relative” regardless of who is hurt in the process. The rules of morality are made up as you go along.

In the 1970s he was having regular membership meetings at his home in Miami. With a weekly group of maybe 10 to 12 followers. Up until then, everything was only on paper, with “nothing” to show the rest of the “non-believing” world. So, the group (called Sociocyberneering at the time) signed an agreement to purchase some land (near Miami where they all lived) and they agreed to make regular monthly payments until the land was paid off. It would take several years to complete the payoff. The group had the vision to “live the dream” in their own little dome community. The community was to be self-sustaining with agriculture and other manufacturing products Fresco had designs for. They even donated funds for some small dome molds, which could be used for acquiring government grants. The group made regular payments, many of them making only minimum wage (most of members were low income, well meaning do-gooders). Whatever it took to make the monthly payments was done, even if it meant skipping a few meals a week. The goal was to show the world “what is possible with futuristic science on your side”.

One day, without discussion, the land that was purchased was sold. A new “legal entity” was created in the middle of nowhere (Venus), so that the investors would not be able to live there and commute to work at the same time. The new entity was called the “Venus Project”. The proceeds from the sold land was “funneled” into this new entity. The original investors in Sociocyberneering would have no “standing” or voting rights in the new entity. There was no other reason to change legal entities except to protect the funds from those who had built up the fund.

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