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Originally Posted by drakul View Post
Jacques Fresco is a real weirdo, untrustworthy. In this video he brags about how he used to shoot a cigarette out of his 2 year old daughter's mouth in order to express some local hicks (members of the KLAN???)

At the end Fresco says he fired blanks at his daughter and put a breakable cigarette in her mouth so it just appeared to have been exploded by a bullet. But the hicks thought it was for real. But WHY would Fresco do this in the first place??? With a 2 year old child???
Fresco likes to be in CONTROL of OTHER people - Yes THAT is a wierd characteristic in a human IMO - I wonder what Fresco's upbringing was like ?

To control other humans is basically how slavery works. He was in the KKK for a while, so maybe that appealed to him in respect of wanting to control black people ? He just seems to wanna control everyone/everything, and when he discusses it he get's the wild eyes. He doesnt belive that people should have opinions, he only wants to use "facts" - He uses that tactic of saying "fact!" after making a statement/comment, and he thinks that it gives him the upper hand, and he expects no-one to question HIS "facts" - If people ask him important questions, he rambles on about how he once invented something, whilst in the meantime he hopes that people dont realise that he didnt actually answer the question.

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