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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
Acorah, is, imho, a shill who is in it purely for the $ - i know a few people who know him (though have never met him) and they all say he is a nice guy but he fakes it all, because it is in his contract to do so.

One person i know was offered the job on most haunted, she said that part of the contract stipulated that there would be a 'taking over' (read trance-channel) in every show and she said she couldn't do a show and fake it if that is what was needed, they then offered to Achorah.

I had tickets to one of his shows and he did a big routine asking if there was a Mahhhgrettt in the room (big emphesis when he said it. then went onto a lady called margret. well the chap i know who works in box office gave us all free tickets to the next night, well derek gets on stage and starts doing the margret in exactly the same dragged out voice after that i was sure he was a fake, my friend wanted to get his autograph so i stood in queue with friend then he asked me if i wanted his autograph, i said no thankyou...well he had a face like thunder after that i decided he wasnt a very nice man, i mean tickets were £17 quid each and seating was at least a thousand...its a big money maker

as for madeleine, well I never believed any of the stories what the mcanns spouted, its a case that haunts me to this day. i do not believe that any educated mother would leave 3 children alone and go for a night out Off the premises whilst turning down babysitting services
as a mom of five i know what kids get up to in 5 minutes unattended, leaving three little kids alone would be sheer madness.
allways believed it to be a total coverup

as for recent developments, they stopped using the two dectitves on 28th oct? very oddly after all the saville, abuse stuff came out
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