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Post I doubt that very much you will ever become free

Originally Posted by john white View Post
This is a complex one johnny

We have to achieve 2 things to get rid of austerity

1) Leave the EU so we are no longer bound to the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Bank system and can make all our own economic choices

2) Debt relief the pound to get rid of the £1,500,000,000,000 pound national debt

We have to, in effect, win a battle against both the EU and the City of London before we can become a nation like Iceland, beholden to no-one and charting its own destiny

All other parties apart from UKIP are fundamentally lying about part 1

There is no ending austerity by any party elected to Westminster, not SNP, not Labour, not Green, who is not also prepared to get out of the EU

Sturgeon's plan to "end austerity" is to KEEP PAYING AUSTERITY: she just wants to scrap trident to redirect the spending so people don't notice we are still paying austerity: its a 5 year sticking plaster and that's it

But,the problem with 2 is, its the only actual solution, a bailout bubble is never repayed with austerity, its never worked, debt relief HAS to happen when the interest payments rise too high, and as soon as interest rates rise just 0.5% both the pound and the euro are pretty fucked. But if you say "we are going to debt relief" then the pro Euro lobby will make such a fuss the argument would never get won with the public, they would paint it as economic Armageddon (which it is: for the plutocracy!)

We have to leave EU first,

Stabilise the pound after EU exit (3-6 months)

Then start talking about debt relief and probably put the plan to the people in a referendum

And that's what it will actually take to end Austerity
I doubt that very much you will ever become free concider that the royal family aka queen Elizaberh II control the united kingdom`s goverment they are above the black nobillity in the illuminati.
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