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Originally Posted by john white View Post
2) Debt relief the pound to get rid of the £1,500,000,000,000 pound national debt
Sorry John, just need to pull you up on this one, as quite depressingly this is a common misconception.

Our current borrowing is the roughly 1.5 Trillion that you state.

However, added on to this is the roughly 4-5 trillion pensions black hole, and on top of that additional PFI debt of around 300 billion.

So the accurate state of the country's national debt is around the 5.8-6.8 Trillion mark... that's around 2 to 2.5 UK GDP.

The idiot who were replying to who feels as though we can go on without any austerity needs his head checked.

And, as you've pointed out, simply being able to save 7 billion a year on foreign aid and 8 billion a year on the EU membership, added to the increased trade and profitability that we will experience outside of the EU, we can recover this debt at a heck of a lot faster rate than we currently are.
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