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I have had experience with some of this technology, for many years thoughts would invade my head that I KNOW were not mine. thoughts about hurting myself and evil thoughts towards others for no reason. I have always been for most of my adult life a person who prided himself on being positive and having positive thoughts.

For many years thoughts I knew were not naturally mine invaded my head. In 2009 it became clear to me that these other dimensional entities were trying to control me and others through controlling our thoughts. In 2009 for no reason I tried to kill myself and had no idea why or what really happened when I woke up. it was at this point when I knew for sure that I was being attacked from the other dimensions by entities who wanted to implant thoughts to cause harm to myself and others.

It is easy to do, going to a live channeling by a medium can make this worse and give these entities an open door to your consciousness. It was after I went to a channel on a regular basis in the early 90's that this manipulation of my thoughts began. Channeling can be VERY dangerous if you go see one live in person. take my advice, NEVER go to one in person, safer to read the info or listen to them on you tube. i am trying to work on a book about my experience but I am extremely lazy when it comes to my writing.

Let me add that most of these thoughts were negative thoughts about others for NO REASON (this effects the other person, our thoughts are silent weapons being used against us and others) and thoughts about hurting myself or using hard drugs. these entities are manipulating MANY people to use drugs because they feed off the energy that the hard drugs create. If you know how to do it, it is VERy easy to manipulate people's thoughts. The news media does it everyday.
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