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Originally Posted by blackjack77 View Post
(1) We were very deliberately tuned into this range of frequencies for PRECISELY this reason so that their technologies would be maximally effective. Also, of course, to provide them with as much food as possible. This is reason, or one of them, behind the genetic manipulation that is in so many legends and has been scientifically confirmed (Sam Chang, Rebecca Cann, etc. )

(2) This is why the Archons primarily target the subconscious (to us), as David has noted many times. This is where the real power is. This is where the REAL technology is. It just plays out in the conscious world that we see.

(3) To make the technology even more effective they need for us to consciously decode it but only when we have been "developed" sufficiently. This is why they have been guiding our society all along, introducing the technology as we were "ready" to accept it. The technology, at least in its basic form, existed all along although they may have had to modify the technology so we could use it as they went along.

(4) At some point they also need us to consciously decode the technology so we can be the ultimate slaves for them by working with their technology. This is why our society is seeing so many technological advances right now. This is also why, to paraphrase Don Juan Mattis we were manipulated to be brilliant engineers and yet have stupid belief systems (p. 426 of The Lion Sleeps No More). We need to be brilliant engineers to use the Archontic technology but we need to have stupid belief systems to stay slaves. Think of the Greys, after all that is probably their goal with us. Human robots capable of using their technology to advance the goals of the Archons.

(5) To give you some idea of the size difference between the conscious and subconscious think about this. We receive about 10,000,000 impressions per second of which 40 are consciously decoded. That means that 9,999,960 are SUBCONSCIOUSLY decoded.

(6) The reason that "Truth Vibrations" are such a threat to them is because the conscious mind continually reprograms the subconscious mind. The very act of even being consciously aware of these formerly secret technologies when you are even slightly free of the Archontic programming allows you to reprogram the subconscious mind to reduce the effectiveness of these technologies. As you get more aware you can ultimately totally destroy the effectiveness of these technologies. Do you think a true spiritual master could be affected by HAARP? No. Remember the story of the yogi who was given huge doses of LSD but it had no effect on him? The technology didn't affect him because he was sufficiently spiritually advanced.

(7) As we awaken the RANGE of frequencies we can decode, either consciously or subconsciously expands. It also goes up, meaning the bottom frequencies are higher than before. As these technologies only work in the lower ranges this is fatal to their long term effectiveness because if we don't decode it it can't affect us. This is why the more unconscious we are the easier we are to control. It all fits.

(8) Number #7 points out the problem with much positive thinking. They are simply CONSCIOUSLY ignoring reality but they are still subconsciously decoding these technologies and thus being controlled by the Archons. They have kidded themselves into thinking they are sufficiently spiritually advanced where they are above these technologies but that comes from cleaning out your own personal lower vibrations. In other words, resolving your previously unresolved feeling of hatred, anger, etc. But because few of them have actually done this they have set themselves up to be mercilessly exploited by technology and entities that they don't consciously know exist.
Well said! Makes sense.
A wise man once said:
1. I do not take it to be true; 2. I do not take it to be false; 3. I do not say you're wrong; 4. I do not not say you're right; 5. I do not say it is true or false; 6. It is both wrong and right, true and false at the same time. Such is the dilemma of relative truth. It is just the finger pointing.
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