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Default How We Are Controlled By Secret Technology

David often talks about how we are controlled by technology that we don't know exists. How does that work?

Simple. Technology that we don’t know exists is still unconsciously decoded by us and thus it still affects us. Since we can only be affected by things we decode, we HAVE to decode the information at some level for it to affect us. THAT is how it can be used against us without us being aware of its existence.

You see, as David talks about and mainstream science backs up, we only decode a tiny portion of the information that comes at us every second. Actually and more accurately we only CONSCIOUSLY decode a tiny portion of the information we receive. But we decode both consciously AND consciously.

The subconscious mind decodes the rest. This is why it has been often noted that our subconscious records everything. It does because it decodes everything.

Basically, the technology we don't know exists works by being in the range we subconsciously decode. This way the Archons get the best of both worlds. They get technology that works against us and since we don't consciously decode it, we don’t know it exists so we can’t defend ourselves against it.

Further, the amount we decode in totality is determined by the frequency range that we do the decoding in. We can only decode in the frequency range we are tuned into. That frequency range is, of course, a dimension or a reality. So parallel universes are simply realities on different frequency bands.
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