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Originally Posted by wwiikkdd View Post A link pertaining to X. Oui.
Your link loses all credibility when it includes a link to a video by the infamous Gorilla 199 of youtube.

This is one of his more loony articles.

"911 Satanic Soccer

PAGAN Football Violence
Satanic Songs & Satanic Chants

Here is a football song....

LAO is Apollyon The Destroyer (LAO Greek for LION)

Here is a football pre-violence mob chant....

IOoo IOoo IOoo
(pronounced EO and chanted in an intimidating manner where the tone drops to the end of the chant IOoo )

IO/EO is Apollyon The Destroyer (EO Greek for SUN)

Because the Pagans stretch out the name in the chant, from IO to IOOO, the chant cryptography is TWO of Apollyon's other names: IO (Greek or SUN) and IOOO (The number IOOO is HELIUS in Greek and is also a greco romanised way of saying ILIOS which is also SUN in Greek) - The IO/IOO0 chant = SUN & HELIUS combined into one chant.

The people behind organised football violence are Pagans (Witches)
They all use Pagan symbols, songs, chants, signs etc to gather themselves together and and also to entice others to follow and/or participate in what is effectively a Blood "Sport" of inflaming tempers and actually hunting down people to commit physical violence against."
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Is it a bit solipsistic in here or is it just me?

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