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Originally Posted by trixie View Post
23 - is famous mathematician John Nash's favorite prime number
Originally Posted by truthseeker444 View Post
They are pretty fond of using 27 as well. I even wrote a blog about 27, it cropped up so much in my own research.
This year the Queens diamond jubilee will be celebrated on the 2&3 of June.
On 3 June the flotilla goes up the Thames. Also 2+3= 5, which is the number satanists attach to death...

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics, an organization of association football historians, traces the origin of numbers to a 1911 Australian football match in Sydney...

Once numbers had been allocated, teams retained the same numbers from year to year, only exchanging for 1 and 2 when the drivers' World Championship was won. As a result Ferrari are infamous for having carried 27 and 28 for many years (every season from 1980 to 1989, and then again from 1991 to 1995), these numbers having originally been allocated to new entrant Williams in 1977 and passed to Ferrari when Alan Jones replaced Jody Scheckter as World Champion after the 1980 season...
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