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I personally don't quite believe he was murdered by human hands...

However the level of awareness he had tapped into was immense and seemed to be swelling by the day. I think in the end perhaps something gave and he had a psychic crisis.

I've written about this process in the following article related to suicide programming in certain Hollywood films:


It nearly happened to me.

There are many things which make me deeply uncomfortable about this film Jacob’s Ladder. First and foremost I would say that during my mercifully brief period of what might either be termed Kundalini enlightenment, Luciferian consciousness, or psychosis, I was seeking to understand what was happening to me and why reality itself has suddenly become very very weird indeed and the only references I seemed able to find to explain what was happening to me were Vanilla Sky and Jacobs’ Ladder. I seemed to be suffering from hallucinations, the people I lived with seemed to be acting very strangely and were unaccountable harsh, just like Jake’s and girlfriend from both films, and it seemed that there were messages everywhere around me and somehow there was a deeper hidden meaning to everything I saw. The experience was genuine and was something like a cross between true wisdom and real madness. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, especially as most of our planet are still stuck in Plato’s cave. The final message of the films was that you are either dead, or that this ‘reality’ is false and that the hallucinations you may be experiencing are the result of a false reality breaking down around you. For someone in a vulnerable situation, like a real life soldier suffering post traumatic stress dissorder, or someone strung out on drugs, is the message of the film really one which is likely to be condusive to the mental health of the person, my suggestion is that it is not, and that these films are specifically designed to implant a series of delusions in the mind of the person, much like a kind of mind control programme. Is it any wonder the rates of mental ilness and schizophrenia are higher than ever and the crime rate and spate of violent murders also similiarly out of control. Thank you Hollywood, theatre of nightmares.
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