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Originally Posted by dreamscope View Post
Yes what was the name for it again...'stuff sack' if I remember right? New technology back in those days You could get it tied down quite tight so it was about, just over half or about 2/3 the bulk of the mk 1 but it would still be about twice as heavy as a civvy job. Must admit though it is warmer than my civvy sack.

But yes you're point is right, surplus stores etc. will market old mk1s as 'survival gear' but it definitely wouldn't be the first choice if you had to head fer dem hills at short notice.
i think army surplus is a great way to get outdoors , its doesnt need the tag survival gear and the few quid it seems to add ?
the more experienced you get with outdoor sports the better gear you acquire
its progress ,
i think its possible to give people a headstart when selecting equipment and save them discomfort that inadequate equipment creates and sometimes its puts people off because just remember being exhausted hungry and wet etc ,
when thats a thing of the past with modern gear .

i wouldnt tell anyone to stay indoors because their gear was substandard
but my bugbear is labbeling gear survival when as far as im aware no such equipment really exists its practically an advertising slogan imo .
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