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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post

What do you do tho when you start to get old and slow?

I mean use experience!
Walking cane/stick - in hand item, ready to go,
goes anywhere in plain sight.

Become more aware of what is going on around you,
avoiding what your body cannot deal with anymore
eg running 100 yards in 12 seconds is no longer an option.

Back to cheating.
Small items in pockets that weigh eg 8oz minimum and
sound like a card game name.
Lead fishing weights on a wire always being left in pockets
by accident whilst just popping down to the shops:
"Sorry ... I forgot it was there officer/son/whatever strokes their ego." Disarming smile

Judged by 12 -v- carried by 6.
What are the percentage chances of being stopped
and searched (awareness of situation) -v- using that item
to defend yourself?
Remember: When seconds count - the police are only minutes away!

Besides I like the adage.
"If ever I get in a fair fight, it means that I've seriously
underestimated the opposition!"
Why get out of your car to argue with somebody?
After all it weighs a lot more than they do,
and a careless driving charge is a small change fine
and doesn't physically hurt to apply - "Sorry about that,
foot slipped on wet pedal" ... " Yes, yes, I just needed to check
it wouldn't hurt you more to drive it off you - wouldn't want to
aggravate any injuries by moving it. Should we wait for an ambulance to
attend anyway?"

What ever works for you using your experiences/knowledge of life.
Did I mention cheating?
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