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Atm I am using different things to get rid of candida on a dayli basis. I use aloe vera, bicsrbonate soda, cider vinegar, msm, collodial silver, coconut oil, olive leaf tea, bee pollen, probiotic yogurt. I normally take minimum 5 of these things pr day and I started eating better again.

For a long time I was doing great but after my dog died i started eating poor food and drink. Took about 18 months before my symptoms came back. A few yearsago i did a good cure with collodial silver ect and it kept the Candida down till 4 months ago or so.

I get this nasty allergy Ibreak out in hives all over. Get tired moody ect.

So anyway I finally pulled myself up and started doing something about it again.

I never tried the combi I am doing now so should be interesting. Just started on the silver and I do get some nasty dieoff reactions atm but it could be worse.
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