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Hi all, has anyone heard from Matthew at all in recent times? If someone has an email address for him could you PM it to me please.

The last contact I had with him was maybe 2 years now when I asked why all of his Christmas writings were marked in red UNAVAILABLE on his website, to which he replied saying he was writing a book and was going to put them all into it. Those Christmas articles were key to snapping people out of their hypnosis above all his writings for the simple reason we all feel deep down something about Christmas is very wrong on a spiritual level yet just go along with it as we are forced to or risk being ostracised, once you read those articles it sent you on an instant path to breaking the serpents spell.

Using the wayback machine fails to retrieve them, from what I can see they have been completely erased off the internet. Even as the months go by more and more of his other articles are no longer available if he is writing a book with them all in it then it would be great to have such an excellent resource to be able to share with people so easily and break the spell, but by now I have my doubts.

I don't know but to me it seems like he was got at and made to remove those articles in particular, above all else they cant have people waking up and not participating in the most important serpent ritual of the year.

If anyone does have communication with him can you please send him the following link its a piece of the puzzle Matthew could never answer me in the many many emails he took the time to reply to me. Once I read that web-page recently I truly felt a great sense of believing for the first time yes it is possible to break the spell and escape from here when that time comes.

Escape 'Their' TRAP and Set Your Soul FREE

1. Instead of letting yourself be “hypnotized” by its attraction, turn and look in the opposite direction (you will have 360° vision, and you can still concentrate on looking in a certain direction) and move away from the Tunnel (you do this by “thinking” yourself as moving — it’s all about thoughts and intention in this dimension).

Remember, you, as a soul of Fire, are far stronger than the centrifugal force that pulls you toward the Tunnel. Don’t try to fight it — that’s not the way to do it. Instead, think yourself away from it!

The Tunnel with the Light on the other side of it is a sophisticated hologram, and all you need to do is to think yourself in another direction, and the Tunnel will fade away.

Anyway I would like to thank Matthew again for his writings, after all these years I spent researching in the 'truth movement' they are the only thing I hold close to me and that ever truly helped me. I hope Matt and his nearest and dearest are all doing very well, if the book he spoke of in his last email with me is a work in progress I eagerly await its publication like many others I'm sure.
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