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Never, i do not listen to anyone.

So for me never. The majority of the masses need others to get info, where i have my own life to know how govs work, and target people.

So never.

For me there is no one out there worth listening too. I knew as much before the net than ii do now. The net gives us a chance to put across stuff we want to share.

You people are welcome to listen to whom you want. But i really do not care about peoples opinions on these things, they are not that good.

I post here, as its quite a decent board to post on. Everyone is an individual, and we all have our own ideas and what we have experienced.
"You put 10 tonnes of proof in front of people, if they are not ready to accept an idea, they will not accept the proof. No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury."
William Cooper - behold a pale horse video
So true

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