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Originally Posted by tortle View Post
jmandalis was saying that getting married was the goal in all this.

Now solar is saying that getting married collapses your aura and makes you a character?

What's the point of going from Neutral to Character? Is this something that we are supposed to do in order to get access to the backstage, or do we want to avoid becoming a character?
The point that you're missing is that marriage is the 'goal' of the game/competition for neutrals. At that point when you have achieved consummation you no longer have to be a neutral and have access to backstage technology/life. But it is different for people in different countries. In America, it is normal for the groom to stay neutral after marriage until they die. I think in other countries the groom may be released from minus time when the first kid is born. Don't ask me, I've been technically married like nine times and none of them are legal. & people wonder why I don't want to get married. The bitches are all guilty anyway, fucking murderous whores.
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