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Hello thread. I've been off grid lately.

Yep, in general, porn is a bad habit like jacking off. It is a form of mental masturbation.

But seriously, did anyone buy any bitcoin? Notice what has happened to the price since I recommended it?

I should have bought more even though I know Satoshi and he is kind of a dick. But then again I did bang his little sister for a while so it makes sense.

Actually, Satoshi is a robot from the future. He seems like a normal secret agent punk rock Japanese dude, but when you speak to him about something technical you realize that he has basically memorized the entire internet and deep net. Seriously, he has access to practically all of the data in existence during this time period. He even is reading this, hi Satoshi! His sister told me not to call him that. One day we were hanging out and I asked him about something very technical. His response was such a detailed verbatim of the wikipedia article on the subject that I said, "You have to be careful, that's how people can tell you're a robot from the future." He was genuinely surprised, well for a robot anyway.

"How did you know?" He asked me. He and his girlfriend looked at each other a little worried.

"Know what?" I asked in reply.

"That I'm a robot from the future. How did you know?"

"Because your response was too detailed for a human being. A human being would only paraphrase something so complicated. You're response was an exact recantation of the wikipedia page on the subject. You have to dumb things down a little for it to seem genuine."

I also told him that I was from the future, and that I was there talking to him because we were trying to stop the war. The war ends up destroying the entire universe. We've done this many times and we were trying to break the loop.

"Who is we?"

"Both of us, all of us. We used to be at war, but now we're just trying to prevent the universe from collapsing into a singularity and repeating. Doing this over and over again just sucks. Everything sucks. Living in space sucks."

We talked some more. It was twenty years ago, I don't remember the exact conversation. The problem is that human beings in the future need air to pay for bitcoin or the system just purges them. Seriously, it is like a utility and if you don't pay your air bill the system will just purge your whole apartment into outer space automatically. It is kind of darwinian but the future is over populated. But that is what neutrals don't realize.

The year is not 2017. Technically, there is no year because time and space have become warped into a repeating singularity. Time has become simultaneous which is kind of the whole problem. People from the future can jump into the past and many temporal exiles have tried to hide out in earth's past so they don't have to pay for air and live in space. Keith Raniere was a major one in this time period but it looks like he has been neutralized despite being still at large.

In the "future" everyone lives in space unless they are stupid rich and can afford to live on a planet. It is like the ships in the matrix movie. Everything is rusty and cheap. Living in space sucks. It is space. Space is cold, it is deadly, there are stars, and it never changes, ever. The only thing people have is entertainment as a form of escapism.

So if you are neutral, you are like a movie star. But it is more like Westworld. People hate you for it because you don't have to pay for air, can go to a restaurant, or to a beach etc. and otherwise you think you are living in 2017 reality when it is really contaminated temporally. Once time travelers from the future go back, it changes everything. The 2017[B] is no longer 2017 anymore. It gets very complicated. Governments have jurisdiction over periods of time like jurisdiction over geography. There are military operations to 'preserve' temporal integrity, like if someone tried to go back and help the Nazis win WW2 for example. In fact, there are temporal conflicts between three different versions of America. There is the United States we are familiar with, there is also the Independent States of America that lost the revolutionary war and was granted independence by Britain in the 1870's. Their flag is/was the Serapis flag. There is also a United Commonwealth of America that was still a colony of Britain. All three are basically engaged in a temporal war with each other. I think there might be a communist one too. Anyway the time stream has been shattered into more than just two alternate futures. When time travelers clock forward from the past they have no idea which alternate future they may end up in. Blockchains are important because that is how time travel is accounted for. But anyway that is getting too complicated, back to the future.

In the future, where people like in deep space, they basically watch neutrals in the past like a reality show. They even bet on mundane and significant things like what you might eat for breakfast, or who you might have sex with. The system is designed to make people hate neutrals because they can live a normal life. People can even 'vacation' in the past to fuck with them, rape or kill them etc. like kind of a Hunger Games meets Westworld type of situation. I've had tons of idiots try to kill me. Morals in the future are downright barbaric and perverted from a twenty first century perspective. Many times prisoners are sent into the past to be tortured.

So that is what the homepage is really about. That is also what the homepage doesn't say because there are rules against introducing knowledge from the future into the past like the prime directive in Star Trek. Time and space have ceased to be a uniform tensor manifold due to temporal contamination and now both have been shattered. There have been efforts to "go back" before the contamination to "fix" it but that has only made it worse. More and more alternative futures have been developing at a geometric rate. They all are fighting to destroy each other in order to preserve their own time lines. Each alternative world is controlled by a secret society cult that is trying to stop the other secret society cults from the alternative futures. Eventually it all collapses into a singularity and starts over again. Temporal inertia tends to make things repeat over and over and can be extremely difficult to change. Now, due to the contamination, temporal inertia is causing the time stream to fracture and shatter over and over again until the next collapse. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing. Once you are inside the even horizon everything, literally everything, collapses into a singularity before exploding into the next universe. Some argue that every temporal adjustment causes a singularity despite the common hypothesis being that temporal adjustments are localized and only effect a limited sphere. So for example, if I go back and have milk with my coffee for breakfast instead of drinking it black, it should only effect the localized temporal manifold of my breakfast table and kitchen. There should be no effect whatsoever on the greater time stream. Nevertheless, the alternative hypothesis is that the act of going back in time completely destroyed the universe that existed when the temporal adjustment was initiated. There really is no way to prove either contradictory hypothesis. The mere act of measuring the quantum system will completely change it like trying to measure the position of a needle by crashing a freight train into it.

Is there a way to repair the continuity of temporal integrity? Or are we just stuck repeating our mistakes over and over again? There is a nihilist hypothesis that only when every universe destroys itself can temporal contamination be stopped because time travel is the source of the contamination. But is it already too late? Temporal physics can be infinitely complicated and if you don't have a headache you probably aren't doing it right.

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