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Originally Posted by rooey View Post
but which way do they intend to 'bounce' your brain by presenting the conflicting facts... or does that just create doubt, or the need to work something out, which keeps the mind then in some sort of continual state of decoding ?

anyone play this game growing up?


I have no fucking idea lol...

I do see the "pedo brainwashing" element that was brought up earlier. It makes me wonder if catholic priests and politicians are under a similar brainwashing scheme. To be fair the homepage seems to be more discussing older men with teenage girls which is quite common for Amish people and folks back in the old days. The point seems to be that the definition of "pedo" has changed. There are other examples of mismatched couples that should not exist. The homepage seems to want to send the message that anyone can fall in love with anyone else rather than the pedo propaganda that you would hear from a disgusting organization like NAMBLA.

but ultimately who am I to say, we are very far down the rabbit hole obviously

I do also feel that isolation and paranoia are elements that the homepage seems to want to cultivate.

"everyone around you is a character pretending"

well yes most people are fake as hell but it doesn't mean they are all in some sort of hive mind..

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