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Timeline of eVents- Egypt Air Flight 804 crash..

The aircraft departed for Cairo International Airport from Charles de Gaulle Airport on 18 May at 23:09 (11.9) (all times refer to UTC+2, used in France and Egypt at the time)..It disappeared from radar while flying at flight level 370 (about 37,000 ft (11,300 m) in altitude) in clear weather, 280 km (170 mi; 150 nmi) north of the Egyptian coast, and about the same distance from Kastellorizo, over the eastern Mediterranean on 19 May at 02:30..Kastellorizo is part of the Rhodes regional unit..The aircraft was lost 3 hours 25 minutes into the flight..No Mayday call was received by air traffic control, although signals that smoke had been detected in one of the aircraft's lavatories and in the avionics bay were automatically transmitted via ACARS shortly before the aircraft disappeared from radar..Just try to relax Joan..The aircraft was due to land at 03:05.. It was originally reported that a distress signal from emergency devices was detected by the Egyptian Military at 04:26, two hours after the last radar contact; officials later retracted this statement..56 passengers from 12 different countries were on board..3 passengers were reported to be children, including 2 infants..Some of the passengers held multiple citizenship..The crew of 10 consisted of 2 pilots, 5 flight attendants, and 3 security personnel..According to EgyptAir, captain Mohammed Shoqeir had 6,275 hours of flying experience, including 2,101 hours on the A320, while first officer MohaMed Assem had 2,766 hours..On 20 May, units of the Egyptian Navy and Air Force discovered debris, body parts, passengers' belongings, luggage, and aircraft seats at the crash site, 290 km (180 mi; 160 nmi) off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt..The European Space Agency (ESA) announced on 20 May that it had possibly detected a 2 km-long fuel slick at 33°32'N 29°13'E, about 40 kiloMetres (25 mi) southeast of the last known location of Flight 804..

On 22 May, an Egyptian Remotely operated underwater Vehicle (ROV), owned by the country's Oil Ministry, was deployed to join the search for the missing aircraft -A French Navy D'Estienne d'Orves-class aviso ship, the Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet, equipped with sonar able to detect the underwater "pings" emitted by the ULBs of the flight recorders, arrived at the possible crash site on 23 May..On 26 May, it was reported that signals from the aircraft's emergency locator transmitter had been detected by satellite, which narrowed the area where the main wreckage was likely to be located on the seabed to within a radius of 5 kilometres (3 mi)..Italian and French companies capable of executing deep-sea searches, including ALSEAMAR and the Mauritius-based Deep Ocean Search, were asked by Egypt to help locate the flight recorders..A more specialized French Navy ship, the oceanographic research ship Laplace (A 793), left the Corsican port of Porto-Vecchio for the search area on 27 May..The survey ship John Lethbridge Capable of retrieving the flight recorders from the seabed, left the Irish Sea on 28 May..It was at the search area by 13 June..On 15 June, Egyptian authorities announced that searchers on board the John Lethbridge had identified several main sections of wreckage on the seabed..The recovered remains were transferred from the John Lethbridge to Egypt's Department of Forensic Medicine in Cairo for DNA analysis and processing..

Beastie Boys..

"Sure Shot" was released on May 31 ..

Founding Beastie Boys guitarist John Berry died on May 19, 2016, aged 52, as a result of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is the clinical presentation of frontotemporal lobar degeneration, which is characterized by progressive neuronal loss predominantly involving the frontal or temporal lobes, and typical loss of over 70% of spindle neurons, while other neuron types remain intact - According to Greek military radar data, Flight 804 veered off course shortly after entering the Egyptian flight INformation Region..At Flight Level 370 (about 37,000 ft (11,300 m) in altitude), the aircraft made a 90-degree left turn, followed by a 360-degree right turn, and then began to descend sharply..Radar contact was lost at an altitude of about 10,000 ft (3,000 m)..On 14 June, Egyptian authorities confirmed the statements made by Greek officials..EgyptAir retired the Flight 804 (MS804) flight number and replaced it with Flight 802 (MS802) for inbound flights from Paris to Cairo, while the outbound flight number was changed from Flight 803 (MS803) to Flight (MS801) 801..Egyptian air accident investigators have revealed that traces of explosives were detected on the remains of victims of the EgyptAir flight from Paris that crashed in the Mediterranean sea..French authorities" believed the aircraft might have been brought down by a cockpit fire caused by an overheating phone battery - On 7 May 2017, French officials stated that no traces of explosives had been found on the bodies of the victims..And then you really gotta burn it up, and make another fly by knight... can't stand it I know you planned it..Because your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear.. I couldn't break the custom even if I wanted to..Cause what you see you might not get..You're scheming on a thing that's a mirage..I believe a man lost in the amazes of his own mind may imagine that he's anything..I'm trying to tell you now it's sabotage...

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