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Originally Posted by positivity View Post
the other night i fell asleep quite late and i had a split second flash of a figure standing over me at the the end of my bed.i didnt see it through sight it was kinda of a dream for a split second and then i woke up with my heart pounding very fast!! its the first time it has happened but i also some times close my eyes and a room forms in a strange black and white form. also sometimes i can see my room when i close my eyes it doesnt have to be where im facing
but i can make out outlines of my wardrobe chest of draws and my tv. most recently ive had a sense of falling when going to sleep and a ringing in my ears and a buzzing sound coming from somewhere in my room!! can anyone shed light on these things that have been happening? thanks!!
Ive had the black and white room loads of times when my eyes are closed and id be like, my eyes are closed, I shouldnt be seeing this stuff. Its not happened much recently, im pretty sure if you get good at controlling it its the begining of astral projection.
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