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Originally Posted by lemacabre View Post
One thinks you should add George Webb:
...hacking US 'secure' places; child-trafficking; enforced prostitution; organ-harvesting for elite transplanting; worldwide distribution of mangoes, bananas, rice containing drugs. All based on published sources not conjecture..
Have never heard of GW , putting his name in search gets a hamburger chain ...
Sounds like he does great work . Scanning his video's I see on the up side they are very short and to the point , I like that ,..... plenty of them , but never does each one have more than 10.000 views... there are many great heroes out there soldiering away, devoting their lives to this ....well done George ..

But to get the prize you also have to reach the people , Alex Jones and his team ... and David Icke.... have achieved this more than any others ...

If I were to criticize PJW it would be that he points out the problem very well when it comes to immigration ... but I've never heard him explain in simple terms WHY this is happening .... or what is the best policy to deal with it...

He needs to explain the rothschilds and royalty are controlling politicians and feminist groups to implement mass immigration to cause a breakdown of western society so they can have martial law!

The remedy is to call for the arrest of politicians and lobbyist for treason , and close the borders .
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