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Default Owl worshippers

Originally Posted by darketernal View Post
Definately a horrible practice but what is being pointed out here is that the owl at Bohemian Grove is not representing Molech. If we are going to slate someone for their practices we should at least get it right. As a Christian you might be offended if someone saw a symbol of your faith and accused you of being a Hindu, yes? Does your faith not teach not to bere false witness against someone (ei worshiping a different god in a ritual than they actually are paying homage to for example).

You are correct also about my family. It was taught to me that my line was from the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which is also a myth.

The question becomes how much was even the early churches in the first 100 years changed from the original Gnostics who my ancestors subverted the teachings of though my friend. How accurate are your gospels after they were rewritten by the hands of the bloodlines? I will not argue that the Gnostics had discovered some spiritual truths, because if they had not, they would not have been subverted as they were to create what is now called Christianity.
from your avatar it looks like you have done a fair bit of owl worship

or was it taken at fancy dress?any proof of your bloodline claims also,or is it a myth?

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